As an immigrant, Rima Ghandour knows the importance and value of a fair justice system. The people of Multnomah County need and deserve a leader on the bench, one who instills confidence that our courts will be safe places where everyone may seek justice under the law. Rima has the experience to be a smart, accomplished jurist, who will work to ensure the courtroom is an inclusive place for all communities. 


Protecting Rights

Rima has pursued justice for her clients throughout her career.  Whether working for the public guardian, for the injured, on behalf of small business owners and for each of her clients, she has been there for them.  Rima has worked tirelessly and ethically to protect her clients’ rights while achieving beneficial results for them.

Challenging the Travel Ban

When the Federal government declared a ban on visitors from several Muslim-majority countries, Rima took action. She jumped in the car and immediately drove to SeaTac airport to represent people being detained as they landed and continued the work at the PDX.  We can count on Rima to stand up against injustice and fight for fair treatment of all people. 

Supporting Our Dreamers

Rima has volunteered time at the Mexican consulate to support local Dreamers needing
to renew their DACA applications. We can count on Rima to ensure her court is open
and accessible to people of all backgrounds and abilities.

Creating a Successful, Women-Owned Business

After working in the public and private sector, Rima founded her own successful law practice. It includes a diverse portfolio of work, and Rima makes time for pro-bono services for community members that cannot afford an attorney.

Engaging Young People

Strengthening the diversity of the legal profession serves the community by ensuring everyone

can find representation they trust. Rima has spoken at local schools like Wilson and Jefferson

High Schools about careers and equity in the law, helping more young people learn about a future in the law.



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