Community Voices for Rima

Rima is the embodiment of intelligence, experience, and seeker of justice.


-Frank Afranji

I cannot think of anyone to better fill this position. Rima has devoted her life to providing sound legal counsel to this community, to bridging cultural divides, to moving the profession forward for all women. I am delighted to endorse Rima for this office.

-Catriona McCracken 

I can think of no one more qualified to serve on the bench. I strongly urge everyone to support Rima.

-Rosemarie Winegarner

Rima gives tirelessly to our community and has provided volunteer service to lift up others who are powerless and on the margins so that ALL can be represented. I am a proud Rima supporter!

-Aruna A. Masih

There is no one more caring, smart or compassionate than Rima.  This opportunity is the natural cumulation of all the great work she has done as an advocate for the less fortunate. She shines in everything she does as an attorney, engaged community member, volunteer, loyal friend and mother.

-Colie Lynn 

Rima will make a great Judge.  She is compassionate about fairness for all and leads her life demonstrating her dedication to her community and the law.  She would be an asset to the bench.

-Wendy Paris

Rima has all it takes to be a fair and competent judge. 

-Dalila Kamal-Griffin

I am happy to endorse Rima for the Multnomah County Circuit Court judge position.  I have worked with her for years.  She is smart, conscientious, and will make good and fair decisions from the bench.

-Melia Shears

Rima in 3 words: Ethical, Intelligent, Strong.

-Abdulhameed Alnassar

Electing Rima means seeking professional excellence and promoting social justice values at the same time.

-Dr. Baher Butti

Rima's commitment to equality and fairness for communities of color would make her a fine addition to the Multnomah Bench.

-Chase Morinaka 

I've known Rima while I was in college and she has always been a mentor to me. Her knowledge, wisdom, and deep concern, were qualities rare to find, and refreshing to tap into. She showed me how to get involved with my community and showed the importance of giving people a sense of community. She will be a fantastic judge for Multnomah County, in serving it justly, with kindness and fairness. I wholeheartedly endorse her.

-Soufiane El Moussi

I worked with Rima as the president of Arab Center of Washington for multiple years. It was a pleasure to be working with her as she showed highest integrity and understanding of people's rights and cultures.

-Oussama Alkhalili

Looking forward to having Rima on the bench - her track record of preserving individual rights and strong sense of justice for all will benefit our community.

-Laura St. John 

Rima is the total package-smart, caring, ambitious, loyal, balanced, fair and so much more.

-Lynn Joyce

Rima is a smart, compassionate, and wonderful human that would make an amazing judge.

-Traci Michaud

Rima is a passionate champion for justice!

-Patrick Angel

I've known and worked with Rima for many years and am confident she will be a great addition to the Multnomah County Circuit Court. Her judgment, professionalism, and character are all hallmarks of an excellent judge and I endorse her wholeheartedly.

-Drew Baumchen

Rima would be an excellent addition to the bench. She has the background, experience and temperament for this important and challenging part of this State’s justice system.

-Barry Dod 

Rima Ghandour is an outstanding person and a great attorney. I believe she would make a great Circuit Court Judge for Multnomah County.

-Michael Malek Najjar

I have known Rima for years and have litigated several cases with her.  She is an excellent lawyer and her compassion, intelligence, and unwavering strength of character makes her a perfect candidate to become a Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge.

-Klarice Benn

I support Rima because of her community-mindedness and commitment to access to justice for all Oregonians. She is the real deal.

-Leni Tupper

I support Rima for Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge. She is a tireless, selfless, warrior for justice, especially for the underrepresented. We cannot do better than her.

-May Low 

I believe strongly that Rima Ghandour will fight for the rights of everyone in the community.

-Sylvia Kinzie

I have known and practiced with Rima for close to two decades.  She is sharp, fair and exactly the type of person who belongs on the bench.

-Robert Schulhof

Rima is a wonderful lawyer and even better person. She brings experiences in life that few on the bench have, and will be a shining example for the community at large.

-Jon Patterson

Rima is the Judge we need in these times!

-Diane L. Grover

I strongly support Rima  - No one better for the job!

-Rosemarie Winegarner

I cannot imagine a more incisive legal mind for the bench.  Two thumbs up!

-Karen Kalzer 


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