Rima's Supporters

Additional Elected Officials & Community Leaders

Michelle DePass, Portland School Board Member 

Akasha Lawrence Spence, State Representative 

Mary Nolan, Former House Majority Leader 

Sho Dozono, Japanese-American Community Leader

Wajdi Said, Arab-American Community Leader, Interfaith Council of Greater Portland

Paul Lumley, Native American Community Leader 

Mari Watanabe, Executive Director at Partners in Diversity, Portland Business Alliance

Hector Hinojosa, Co-founder of Virginia Mason Memorial Health Center

Revered Rodney Page, Past President of Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon

Erious Johnson, Former Director of Civil Rights for the Oregon Attorney General

Jamie Fender, President, King City Council, General Secretary League of Minority Voters

Lane Borg, Executive Director of Office of Public Defense Services

Mohammed Alyajouri, Portland Community College Board Member

Dr. Baher Butti, founder of Iraqi Society of Oregon, Catholic Charities Intercultural Counseling Center

“From volunteering with Dreamers seeking to renew their DACA applications to providing free services to those impacted by the Muslim travel ban, Rima is who we need on the bench right now.” - Immigration Advocate Chanpone Sinlapasi

Unions & Community Organizations

Chanpone Sinlapasai, Immigration Advocate 

Kelly Simon, ACLU Attorney

Jonathan Patterson, Director of DE&I Compassion & Choice, Past President OC-NBA

Polo Catalani, Immigrant and Refugee Community Advocate

Carol Johnson, BOLI Civil Rights Director

Linda Castillo, New Portlanders Program Coordinator, Co-founder Latino Network

Kayse Jama, Executive Director of Unite Oregon

Nadia Dahab, Immigration and Civil Rights Advocate

Imam Abdullah Polovina, Bosniaks Educational & Cultural Organization (BECO)

Gulzar Ahmed, Islamic Society of Greater Portland

Imam Mohamed Elebaid, Masjid Lady Khadijah

"Rima has demonstrated her personal commitment to justice by helping others in quiet ways in addition to her more public work. A good lawyer can effect change in the name of justice with patient and persistent action, and Rima has done so in multiple situations as a volunteer. Multnomah County is fortunate to have her as a member of the bar, and she would be an outstanding addition to the bench." - Justice Paul De Muniz, Oregon Supreme Court

Endorsements from the Bench

Justice Paul De Muniz, Oregon Supreme Court

Judge Darleen Ortega, Oregon Court of Appeals

Judge Shelley Russell, Multnomah County Circuit Court

Judge Jean Maurer, Multnomah County Circuit Court, Former Presiding Judge

Judge Dale Koch, Multnomah County Circuit Court, Former Presiding Judge

Judge Nan Waller, Multnomah County Circuit Court, Former Presiding Judge

Pro-Tem Judge Julia Philbrook, Multnomah County Circuit Court

Judge Henry Breithaupt, Oregon Tax Court

Judge Ulanda Watkins, Clackamas County Circuit Court

Judge Debra Velure, Lane County Circuit Court

Judge Lyle Velure, Lane County Circuit Court

Judge Kamala Shugar, Lane County Circuit Court


Judge Fay Stetz Waters, Former Linn County Judge

“Rima has a true record of service to our profession and community. Her experience and perspectives make her the best choice for our judiciary. Please join us in voting for Rima for Judge.”

- Judges Shelley Russell, Henry Breithaupt, Dale Koch, Debra Velure

Community Supporters

Rania Ayoub
Salma Ahmed

Frank Afranji

Jawdat Amhaz

Ahmed Amousa

Derily Bechthold

Tasha Lyn Cosimo

Katie Gonsiewski

Miriam Habafy

Layla Hameed

Sandra Jassim

Rami Khlaf

Adli Khatatbeh

Kim LeCornu

Justin Leonard

Catriona McCracken

Adnan Mosleh

Amanda Pham Haines

Hanane Salhi

Shannon Sayers-Rana

Laura St. John

Jennifer Street

Rosemarie Winegarner

Abdulhameed Alnassa

Emily Miller
Samir AlSharif
Sam Hunaidi
Oussama Alkhalili
Skip Winters

Lynn Joyce

Catriona McCracken

Samir AlSharif

Kelly Simon

Curtis Heintz Excavating

Marlene Eid

Moh Alileche

Aruna A. Masih

Kaith Sheikhly

Sydney Fitzpatrick

James A Beall

Trish Jordan

Hadi Nouredine

Baher Sami Raphael Butti

Nhi Luu

Sandra Wright

Katelyn Oldham

Leslie Blaine

Ryan Ferris

Ashlee Albies

Shelley Leigh Fuller

Ameen Ramzy, MD

Megan Ferris

Erika J. George

Nancy Greenidge

Yesenia Gutierrez

Emily MacKay

Soufiane El Moussi

Wendy Paris

Dalila Kamal-Griffin

Jan Abushakrah

Alejandra Klein

Talia Guerriero

Karin Guenther

Angela Stewart

Mike Scott

Adriane Seibert

Eric Bosworth

Dalia Baadarani

Michael Malek Najjar

Mary Ellen Hannigan

Patrick Angel

Kasia Rutledge

Kamron Graham

Shannon Weiland

Anna Sullivan

Rami Khalaf

Heather Decker

Cindy del Rosario

Peter Miller

Sydney Oliver

Matt St. John

Ryan Hunt

Rick Pope

Matthew D Adler

Kip Childs

Holly Hayman

Layla Hameed

Sandra Jassim

Sophia L. Retnani

Rami Khalaf

Shannon Sayers-Rana

Miriam Habafy

Kim LeCornu

Jen Davis

Marian Dolan

Pamela Paluga

Mona Flores

Dana Sadowski

Drew Baumchen

Kirstin Abel

Traci Michaud

Sara Kobak

Jessica Asai

Kelley Blaine

Diane L. Grover

Sue Ellen Stewart

Barry Dod

May Low

Catherine Brinkman

Kelsey Terry

Klarice Benn

Sylvia Kinzie

Marcia Alvey

Pamela Paluga

Leni Tupper

Eric Meyer

Tammy Martin

Jawdat Amhaz

Robert Schulhof

Rosemarie Winegarner

Doris Valenzuela

Dora Valenzuela

Justin Leonard

Kate Wilkinson

*Organizations listed as associated with individual endorsers is not an indicator that said organization has or will officially endorse or support this candidate. 


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